Tribute to 7 Dirty words

Welcome Class to a Tribute to "George Carlin's 7 dirty words"

Check if a Twitter Handle recently used one...

"Find Random Tweets with dirty words"

    Below are random tweets containing one of George Carlin's 7 dirty words. Hey, not everyone is a wordsmith ya know...

   sandatucson   -   @SecPompeo, why did you accept the call? He doesn;t have your (our) best interest at heart. Tell him to FUCK OFF!… https

   BettyGo90576679   -   RT @OriginalJLP

   daiwiggs   -   The smell of shit is unbelievable. https

   Maddox_89   -   @GrVdeV1990 It’s Monday bud, shit runs down hill n payday is thursday. The week only gets better from here on out!

   HerPrince_Reg   -   Fuck y’all ! Have a nice day lol

   jaredfreese   -   RT @j_alanj

   IrishIWuzFunny   -   RT @AmandaEeeek