Tribute to 7 Dirty words

Welcome Class to a Tribute to "George Carlin's 7 dirty words"

Check if a Twitter Handle recently used one...

"Find Random Tweets with dirty words"

    Below are random tweets containing one of George Carlin's 7 dirty words. Hey, not everyone is a wordsmith ya know...

   isamirzaliyev   -   +Repeat after me -Ok +Ashhadu anna... -Fuck you, get over here

   Maddy1150   -   RT @Jacobhansen_

   LarryingLarry   -   @louis_smolbean I have my face pierced. THAT shít is scarier than getting tattooed if it calms you 😂

   _yafutureshrink   -   RT @ypfneteru

   DerferJ   -   RT @CamAngelz

   hundred863   -   RT @OnlyHipHopFacts

   justicceleaque   -   RHDS when robert does sth to piss us off @woIgang @leilupo_stark @Ipikaboo https